About Policol

Policol International is a Kenyan owned Private Company initially registered in 1997 as a business name and operated as such until 2005 when it was incorporated. The company is structured to meet clients’ needs in the construction of both building and civil works.  The company additionally has growing interests in construction research and evolving building technologies

Policol International fully recognizes the importance of the environment and strives in all its operations and commercial activities to foster the preservation of the environment. The firm ensures that it works within the stipulation of environmental protection guidelines as issued by the Kenyan Government Environmental Policy papers. The firm further endeavors to implement specific individual contract/project environmental requirements as situation demands. The company has meticulously grown over the last 10 years from a small enterprise to a modern business enterprise.

Vision: Revolutionalising the construction industry from the traditional money making business into an entity that embraces professionalism in both standards and costs of construction.

Mission: To give its clients the best in terms of cost, quality and time while at the same time ensuring that the firm is making profits and motivating it’s staff.